Custom Shelving & W ...

Custom Shelving and Woodwork in Nashville Hole in the wall space is now a great private meeting space.    read more →

New Office Space

Office Space Remodeling When your office space needs remodeling, we can help! From new tile or wood floors to custom shelving and expanded storage and work space, Nashville Home Repair has a solution. Great new space for office, meeting or break room use.    read more →

Storage to Event Space

Before and After Storage Space Transformation   read more →

Brand New Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling A whole-in-the-wall-unfinished-closet was transformed into a clean tiled bathroom on the lower level of this office. Do you have a room in your home or office that could be used for something better?    read more →

Hardwood flooring

Custom Hardwood Flooring in Nashville Hardwood flooring can create a breathtaking new look to any home. Nashville Home Repair has installed new hardwood flooring and given old hardwood flooring new life.   read more →

Decorative columns

Custom Column Work in Nashville Custom decorative columns can transform any room. Add some impact and beauty to your home today with custom columns throughout your home.   read more →