Our work was showcased by Horton Group in their Google maps City Street View photography. Click HERE to take a tour.

Horton Group in downtown Nashville received a year-long transformation from a tired, dilapidated building in to a colorful, creative and polished office. The Nashville Home Repairs team started by renovating the floors of this building, bringing in wood from a civil-war era tobacco barn, and worked their way up the walls, brining in custom wood-work, moulding and paint to tie the space together and create a comfortable, fun atmosphere for the web-design team inside. The outside of the building also screams creativity with its bright mix of colors and bold signage adorning 8th Avenue.

Horton Group partnered with Rock House Coffee out of Chicago to open a coffee cart in the front of their business, and will soon expand to the back of the building, where Nashville Home Repairs built a custom coffee bar, complete with two sinks and stainless steel countertops, as well as product display shelves and room for the Rock House’s roaster. To enrich the space even further, Nashville Home Repairs worked with the vision of Horton Group owner Ned Horton to bring in not one, but two, stages in the building with custom lighting and sound systems.

The biggest project to date for Nashville Home Repairs, and still in progress for even more updates, Horton Group’s renovations will stand the test of time for its timeless and fun atmosphere and quality craftsmanship.